Daniel B


I own a Kennedy 526B , bought in April of 1970 by my Grandfather . He used it at American Airlines , where he worked at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport , for 35 years . He then gave it to my Grandmother , who briefly worked Assembly for Teledyne Republic Industries . I broke into Machining in 2011 . The Kennedy was given to me and I've used it ever since on a daily basis , working as a Machinist for Swagelok .

Dennis J


315x I have not yet received it. My last Kennedy tool box burned in the campfire November 8th in Paradise which I purchased when I was 19.

Jeff M


520 toolbox used for locksmithing tools and parts

David J


I have a 3 piece stack that was my Dad's in my shop and also a smaller tool box for taking places when needed. Love them all!

Marcus B


Two cnc lathes side by side with my Kennedy close by.

Edward V


My 3611 on top of the 297 at my home shop. Bought the 297 as my first machinist box when I started in the trade. I plan to use and enjoy my Kennedy boxes for a lifetime.

Martin R


Because I work in a different area of the plant each day, I use a Kennedy 378 roller to get my tools where I need to be.

Tracy T



John T


Top middle and bottom tool chest combinations
Portable tool boxes for specific jobs

Brent D


Several small boxes for small delicate tools, larger boxes and mid boxes for larger tooling, roller cab for delicate and large tools

Michael C Image 1.jpg

Michael C


I am a recently retired/disabled Army Staff Sergeant. I went to school for and now a full-time machinist. Right now all I have is a 526B top box that was awarded to me from Keith Fenner in the "What's In Your Box" apprentice nomination.