I would like to visit the Kennedy retail store. What are the hours?

Our seconds store is open quarterly from 9:00 am to 12pm EST located at 1260 Industrial Drive, Van Wert, OH.  Days and hours are subject to change.  Please visit our website for updates prior to your visit, it will be posted in the top bar.  2024 Dates:   9/7, 12/7

How do I order Locks & Keys?

The flat key locks are no longer available, they have been discontinued.   Replacement keys can be purchased that are T1 -T350 ONLY for flat keyed locks.  We only have tubular locks available as replacements.  Those are keyed to KEN 1 – KEN200.  Replacement Locks>>> Hook Cam (80401)  Fits: 3611, 56211, 526, 520, 620, 360, 266, 263  /  Long Cam (80402)  Fits Chest Base Models MC22 and MC28 / Hang on Models 182X, 202X, 302X and 382X  /  No Cam (80403)   Fits: Roller Cabinets:  (Roller Cabinets 27″, 29″ and 34″) 348X, 297X, 295X,315X, 310X, 378X, 277X, 275X, 273X, 21040  / Hang on models 185(X), 205(X)  / Chest Base Models 2602, 2603, 2604, 5150  / Mechanics’ Chests 285(X), 2805(X)   Tubular Key (80404)-  KEN1 – KEN200  /  Flat Key (80965) – T1-T350

Flat Key “K” , “S” and “KY” facts

K and S keys and locks have been discontinued.  For compatible replacement tubular locks, please order 80401 (Hook Cam) or 80402 (Long Cam).  Please check your current lock if it has a hook cam or long cam.   KY locks and keys are no longer available and the tubular locks are not compatible.  Visit our locks & keys page

How do I order replacement parts for my tool box?

Replacement parts and accessory items can be purchased directly from Kennedy through a convenient ordering process on our website.
Financing, Pay Pal, and Credit cards are accepted.
Visit our accessories page on our website.

Can I change my tool box locks to use the same key to open all my Kennedy storage?

YES! As long as your lock is a tubular lock and the key number begins with KEN. We suggest you use an existing lock, preferably the roller cabinet lock, and replace the remaining locks keyed to that number. These can be ordered directly from Kennedy Manufacturing through our website. At time of order, be sure to check the box that says, keyed alike for each of the locks. If you need additional assistance, you may contact our Customer Service Department at 1.800.413.8665.
Visit our locks & keys page

Can I order a lock to match an existing key number?

Yes, if the lock is tubular and the key number is KEN 1 through KEN 200. A new lock comes with 2 keys.
Visit our locks & keys page

I have lost my key and the cabinet is locked.

If your unit is locked and if you know the key number and if the key number is KEN1 thru KEN200, you can order a replacement key. If you do not know the key number and the unit is locked, you will need to drill out the lock and order a new lock.  Lock removal instructions can be found under the literature section of our website.
Visit our locks & keys page

I would like to replace my standard locks (flat) with tubular locks. How can I do this?

Yes, you can replace standard locks with tubular locks.  Make sure to match the type of lock (hook cam, long cam or no cam).
Use tubular lock 80401 (hook cam) to replace 80840.  Use tubular lock (long cam) 80402 to replace 80843.  Use tubular lock 80403 (no cam) to replace 80844.  Visit our Accessories section under products to purchase locks.
Visit our locks & keys page

Can I order directly from Kennedy Manufacturing?

Replacement parts and accessory items can be purchased directly from Kennedy through a convenient ordering process on our website. Kennedy storage solutions can be purchased through our distributors. See the WHERE TO BUY section to find an authorized distributor in your area.

Does Kennedy offer restoration services?

Kennedy does not offer restoration for your Kennedy toolbox. We do offer replacement parts that are available on our website.
Visit our accessories page and replacement parts on our website.

Where do I find the model number on my tool storage unit?

The Kennedy model number is on a decal on the right side of the lid OR on the right inside of the top drawer.

Can I change friction slides to ball bearing slides?

If your existing tool storage unit has drawer slides that “snap in” the body of the drawer and “snap in” the interior wall of the box, then you are able to interchange the drawer slides. If the slides are welded to the drawer body and welded to the interior wall of the tool box, then you are not able to interchange the drawer slides.

Keep your Kennedy operating like new.

Slides – A light coating of oil on the friction slides will preserve and provide easy movement of parts.
Cleaning of Finish – Your Kennedy wrinkle finish unit can be cleaned periodically with WD-40® or Murphy®Oil Soap.  Smooth finish units should be cleaned with a soft cloth, dampened with warm water.

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